Feb. 8th, 2006

monaubergine: (dirty and hot)
Everyone needs to watch Twitch City. You will like it, I promise. And they download pretty quickly and each episode is only 22 minutes. You have no reason not to watch an episode! I have a fondness for "Klan Bake" and "The Planet of the Cats" (genius!) but they are all hilarious.

Sorry, I'm just having one of those moments where I love something so much I have to share it.

Other things I love right now:
--The headline "George Clooney does impressions with penis". HA!

--Symbolist painters, especially Redon and Klimt.

--The WB Tuesdays: Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. Which is a rather strange pairing of shows, but I love them both (for vastly different reasons).

--Brownies with chocolate chunks in them. Yum.

--Music! Some that I love so much I need to share:
The New Pornographers- The Bleeding Heart Show. I think most everyone knows the New Pornographers, so you might've heard this song before, but if you haven't, you need to. It's perfect.
The Guillemots- Trains To Brazil. Something about the beat and melody of this song reminds me of ELO, but hipper. It makes me happy.
Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright- Ode to a Friend. Most people are familiar with Yann Tiersen from the score of Amelie, which he composed. This is rather different from that; a bit darker and less whimsical. Still, I can see some similarities, and if you love the Amelie soundtrack you will probably like this as well.
Jenny Lewis- Rise Up With Fists. I have mixed feelings about Rilo Kiley; I love some of their songs and am totally indifferent to others. But so far everything I've heard from Jenny Lewis's solo album is great. This song is one of my favorites.

--And finally, this icon, because yes.

It it damn cold today. I've been shivering all day. I always think I'm spelling 'shiver' wrong but it just looks weird. I'm not sure why my 'cold' mood icon is Snyder creepily touching Crutchy (spellcheck wants me to change that to 'crotch'). I think I'm going to get a blanket.



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