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I can't bring myself to make an actual update on my life because I'm too busy avoiding things. So I'll just post a meme! It's sort of like the one that Sarah did. I posted a couple of the songs.

Movie soundtrack for your life. The rules:

1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Pass it on

(Okay, so I cheated a few times.)

  • opening credits: The Ark- One of Us Is Gonna Die Young (awesome!)
  • waking up: The New Pornographers- These Are the Fables
  • an ordinary day: Spoon- My Mathematical Mind
  • the first date: The Moffatts- Raining In My Mind (oh my god. I laughed out loud when this song came on)
  • falling in love: Now It's Overheard- The Book of Love  the book of love is long and boring/no one can lift the damn thing/it's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing (a million times better than the Peter Gabriel cover)
  • the rumble: The Stills- In the Beginning this story ends/in bloodshed (but rest of the lyrics don't really fit at all, hah)
  • the break-up: Neko Case- Set Out Running and if I knew heartbreak was coming/I would've set out running/cause I just can't shake this feeling)that I'm nothing in your eyes
  • getting back together: Jenny Lewis- Happy cause i can't remember why i hated you/can't remember why i still do/but i'm a sure as the moon rolls around you/that i could be happy
  • life's okay: The Shins- Fighting in a Sack
  • the mental breakdown: Rufus Wainwright- Shadows finally/feel the world around me/fighting through/fighting through the whiskey (that would be one funky breakdown. and yet the lyrics work surprisingly well)
  • cruising: David Bowie- Soul Love
  • the flashback: Hawksley Workman- Autumn's Here I guess that autumn/gets you remembering/and the smallest things/just make you cry
  • the frat party: Death From Above 1979- Blood On Our Hands
  • everybody dance now: Thunderbirds Are Now!- This World is Made of Paper (a rather danceable song)
  • regretting: Leonard Cohen- The Sisters of Mercy
  • the long night alone: Regina Spektor- Field Below i wish i'd see your face below/i wish i'd hear you whispering low/but you don't live downtown no more/and everything must come and go
  • a death: Yma Sumac- Tumpa (Earthquake) That would be one fucked up death scene. I wish I had this on my computer so I could post it.
  • end credits: Odetta- I've Been Driving On Bald Mountain
Some of those fit extraordinarily well and I didn't even cheat on them.

There is going to be a new season of Project Runway this summer and I'm excited. Bravo is pretty great with reality shows. I really got in to Top Chef towards the end, too. I was glad Harold won; he was adorable. And, you know, a good chef or whatever. But anyway, I still prefer PR because I know more about fashion than I do about food. Plus the contestants are more entertaining. I'm just happy I'll have something to look forward to watching in the summer. Yay!
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