I'm enrolled! And I have a parking decal, even though I will probably not drive often, considering I live all of 10 minutes away, walking. But if it snows or rains or something, this will be nice. I had to call home about 6 times before I got a hold of anyone to find out the tag number, because Caroline apparently can't hear the phone from her bedroom. And, um, if you ever call my house and get a high pitched squealing noise, just hang up and call again. I have no idea what that's about.

So anyway, my schedule:

01 Band Hamant
02 Euro SL Harden
03 Spanish 5 HL Shelly
04 Bio HL Weigand
05 IR Lacosse/ Photo 2 Salley
06 C Writing Williams/ Government Harden
07 World Lit Maack

No surprises, really. I wish I could have arranged things better so that I wasn't taking a single semester of creative writing and photography. It's all because of government.

I was reading a thread on literary crushes on Chicklit where I occasionally lurk. Most people list the same characters: Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, Laurie from Little Women, various Harry Potter characters. So I was thinking of my own literary crushes, of which I have quite a few, actually. I do share a few of the most common crushes; I've always loved Laurie since I first read Little Women in fourth grade. I HATE that Jo doesn't marry him, mostly because he gets so depressed and then marries Amy even though he doesn't really love her. I was also enamored with Barney Snaith of The Blue Castle (despite his name). I think my number one fictional crush would have to be George Emerson from A Room with a View. He's so passionate and progressive and perfect (and my alliteration was entirely unintentional). His speech to Lucy about why she shouldn't marry Cecil is probably one of my favorite passages ever.

So, do any of you have any particular literary crushes?



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