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Bravo's doing a Project Runway marathon on right now. I have to say, although I enjoyed this season, I don't think it quite lived up to the first one. The designs this season have been mediocre, overall. Anyway, I think Santino is a clear winner; I'll be surprised if it goes any other way. His collection is the best thing he's designed the whole season. Chloe and Daniel's collections are kind of uninspired, I think. And I know this is an incredibly unpopular opinion, but I like Santino. Yeah, he acts like an arrogant jackass all the time, but I don't think he's a genuinely mean person. And he's hysterical. And anyway, being an asshole doesn't compromise one's talent; look at Karl Lagerfeld.

I think I might do a post about the fall ready-to-wear shows.

I feel like posting some more music. So:

Parks and Recreation- Break Into Song. It makes me want to break into song.

Devotchka- Death By Blonde. It sounds like a song from a sexy spy movie that is set in Eastern Europe.

Karl Blau- Into the Nada. I like the surfy, laid-back feeling.

Jamie Lidell- Multiply. Who doesn't like soul music? This has a classic sound without sounding too derivative.

The Go! Team- Junior Kickstart. Everyone should have heard of them by now, but I was listening to this and thought I should post it.

The Knife- Heartbeats. Which is better: the original or Jose Gonzalez's cover? I am totally in love with them both.

And if you are interested, you can download all but one song from Jenny Lewis's Rabbit Fur Coat for free at the label's website. It's really good.

I just had a really good brownie. Yum.
I really need to see Sin City. Like, today.
We went to the grocery store earlier and got chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies which are the best ever. Mmmyum. And then we stopped at the gas station on the way back. I was pumping the gas while my mom was inside paying (and buying cigarettes secretly, ha), and these creepy guys drove buy and one of them said "nice volkswagen, ladies," and it was weird.
Aren't these shoes completely adorable? These ones too. I really want some more cute comfy flats. Too bad these pairs are completely out of my price range.
God, I'm bored.
My favorites from Fall 2005 ready to wear lines:
pictures )
my thoughts so far )
Wow, that was longer than I expected. I promise I won't make another fashion-related post for a long time, okay?
I think I've caught whatever Caroline had. This morning I had a sore throat but by seventh hour I thought I would collapse, I felt so weak. My throat and the back of my tongue feel really swollen.

Pictures of the spring 2005 couture lines are up at so I thought I'd post about them.
Couture )

Also,, which I love for some unfathomable reason, has the fall 2005 menswear lines up. I really can't say why I even care about menswear, but I do. It's about half ogling the models and half thinking about what I would wear if I were a guy.
Menswear )

I think I'm going to take another nap now, I think.
-I haven't posted since last month, and I'm in a somewhat better mood than my last post. I'm not even freaking out about district auditions on Saturday, which is unusual for me. There are few things that cause me more stress than auditions, and I won't even have my dad there for encouragement.
-Audio explications suck. Last time I made sure I didn't pause or stumble over my words at all and I re-recorded it until it was perfect. This time I was less picky, so I really hope he doesn't listen to mine.
-I found this picture when organizing my picture folders. I had forgotten about it, but I really like the creepiness of it:

-Yves Saint Laurent has the best site ever. It has pictures of all the past collections; I really love some of the mid-sixties collections with pop-art shift dresses. And the image gallery under the "Dialogue With Art" section is wonderful. I love how he designed dresses as homages to other artists.
-I looove Hawksley Workman right now. I've had "You Me and the Weather" stuck in my head all day. I'm listening to Tarantulove now. Mmmmmmm. I love his voice.
-That's about it, really.
Because random lists are fun:
-This weekend I rented Saved, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Royal Tenenbaums. I'd seen the last one already, but not for a while. I was kind of in a Wes Anderson mood (I'm looking forward to The Life Aquatic). I think I like Rushmore better, though. Saved was really funny, and Patrick Fugit is completely adorable. Eternal Sunshine was incredible. I was kind of blown away by how emotionally raw it was, beyond the quirkiness of the plot. It had a somewhat happy ending, but it left me kind of drained afterward.
-that Cooking To Hook Up quiz )
-I need to do a practice PSAT or something. I haven't studied at all. Although, as long as I do was well as I did last year, I'll be happy.
-I love randomly making icons. It's pretty much the only reason I have a paid account.
-How gorgeous are these shoes? My goal in life is to to have enough money to justify buying $600 shoes.
-I don't want to go to my lesson tonight. I don't want to audition for district band. I don't want to do marching band anymore. I think I want to quit.
I like Jill Stuart's vintage-style dresses. Max Azria's folky ensembles are cute and his whispy chiffon evening dresses are nice, too. I don't like Marc by Marc Jacobs quite as much as his main collection, but some of it is great.
Huh, I thought I had more to say about that. Oh well.
I've jumped on the bandwagon and gotten a gmail address (thanks Christine!), which is I'll still check my other address, though.
-Lela Rose: lots of cute separate pieces and some adorable dresses.
-Perry Ellis: A really small collection, but they're all really put-together and cute.
-Phi: Lots of lovely shapes; I particularly like this one.
-Tommy Hilfiger: I like this dress, this jacket, and this skirt.
-Vera Wang: Looooove. Probably one of my favorite collections.
-Zac Posen: I'm still liking him, although not completely. But some of it is gorgeous, like this skirt.
-J. Mendel: lots of beautiful floaty dresses.
-Marc Jacobs: Always one of my favorites. I like the short-sleeved sweaters and cute cardigans. The color palette is great, also.
-Oscar de la Renta: Some of the patterns are really amazing. I also like the frilly dresses.
-Diane von Furstenberg: Also has some great patterns.
-And finally, choices for my imaginary Oscar dress:
1: Vera Wang
2: Oscar de la Renta
3: J. Mendel
Summer rec is over. I have one week left of work, and I won't be with the same kids and it won't really be the same at all. I already miss my kids, even though they could be demons at times (especially last week). I certainly won't be missing Brian; I hope I never see that creepy loser ever again. Hopefully Liz will think better of hiring him next year, particularly after that time he shoved Noah. So, one more week of work and then my sisters and I might go to Kansas City to shop and stuff. I just did a bit of back-to-school shopping but I really need more pants. Pants are my least favorite thing to go shopping for because I'm short and nothing fits. I really want some corduroy pants, though.
No one probably cares, but I feel the need to discuss the spring 2005 menswear collections.
The Good:
-I like Viktor&Rolf Monsieur. It has a great casual but pulled together look.
-YSL Rive Gauche is great; I love the shape of the jackets. I'm not sure why, but this briefs + long-sleeved shirt combo is enthralling to me. I can't look away! Also, this suit is seriously hot. Mmm.
-I like the skinny pants and scarves from Christian Dior, but the models all look like a slight gust of wind would knock them over.
-Paul Smith's schoolboy look is cute. I like this layering, as well. I'm kind of 'meh' on the florals, though.
The Bad:
-Not big on the hippie thing from Gucci, really.
-I'm also not a fan of the loose pants and the stupid hats from Emporio Armani.
-I respect Dries Van Noten for trying to popularize the kilt, but there is a thing as too much plaid.
-Dsqaured's collection just oozed skankiness to me. And then Christina Aguilera showed up, heh.
-God, I love John Galliano. Wouldn't it be great if more guys dressed like this? Or this? Hee. I can see, in some of the outfits, the pieces that you could actually wear, but some of them are just kind of WTF?
I am so bored right now. Bored enough for random icon-making, if anyone wants some. I'm actually kind of looking forward to school starting. Kind of.
I've been neglecting my LJ lately; I think my last post was over a month ago. I haven't really had much to say. Nothing interesting, at least. Anyway, I had a dream last night that I was writing in my LJ. I can't remember what I was writing about, though. But maybe it was my subconcious telling me to update.

I've been on kind of a fashion binge lately, looking at the fall 2004 ready-to-wear collections at My opinions:
-Love, love, love Mark Jacobs as always. I really like the 40s-inspired mink collars and tweed coats. His collection for Louis Vuitton is quite nice, also.
-Zac Posen does a lot of lovely, wearable dresses.
-Tom Ford may be leaving Gucci, but he is certainly leaving in style. Ooh. Gorgeous.
-Jean Paul Gaultier's use of marrionettes in place of models was quite interesting. Mixed feelings about the clothes, however. Some of it is nice, some of it is a little too... hobo.
-What I adore about John Galliano is that among all his wildy exaggerated and overdone creations, he still has some beautiful, dreamy designs. This one in particular is lovely.

God, I'm hungry. I'm going to go make myself some waffles.



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