Concupiscence is the word of the day. It always makes me think of Threesome. Oh, Josh Charles. Even with that stupid nineties haircut you were still adorable.

I just watched a bunch of movie trailers.

I am so excited about Idlewild. A musical written by Outkast! How can it not be brilliant? And the trailer looks SO GOOD.

I love the trailer for Marie Antoinette. Who cares if the music is anachronistic when it works so well? And I love New Order, and i love Sofia Coppola, and I think this looks promising.

I'm not sure about Akeelah and the Bee because it's based on Spellbound which I love dearly, and I am the kind of person who watches spelling bees on ESPN 2, but it looks cheesy. I don't know.

Don't Come Knocking looks interesting, and it stars Sam Shepard. And he also wrote it, which I hadn't realized until I just looked it up on IMDB. It has a great cast.

Confetti looks hilarious. I love a good mockumentary. And this one has Martin Freeman! The nudist couple looks especially hilarious.

I'm also looking forward Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story. It looks funny and smart and I've heard loads of great things about it.

I have to get ready for the band concert. It's going to be embarrassingly awful.
monaubergine: (it looks nice from a distance)
I got a speeding ticket on Friday while on my way to the movie theater. So, that sucked.
But Sarah and I saw Elizabethtown which I adored. It's been getting pretty mediocre reviews; most of them say that it's too meandering and has too many characters and not enough focus. But that's kind of what I liked about it. It give the movie an scrapbook-y homemade feel. There were so many moments in this film I am completely in love with. I especially liked Paul Schneider in it. And Chuck and Cindy! And Loudon Wainwright!
I keep hearing people compare it to Garden State which I think is a really shallow comparison. I mean, yeah, they both deal with a guy coming home for the funeral of a parent and meeting a 'quirky' girl, but beyond that, they have completely different themes. Elizabethtown is more about family. To say Elizabethtown is a 'ripoff' of Garden State does a disservice to both films. And, I mean, I loved Garden State, but it's not like it was the most original film ever. Has no one seen The Graduate? Sorry, I got a bit ranty.
I have to practice for my clarinet lesson.
Because I have too much time on my hands (or rather, because I'm not working on things I should), I made my own custom mood theme. A Newsies mood theme, because I love that movie like I am twelve.

Samples of my totally awesome mood theme: let's soak 'em for crutchy! )

I am perhaps a bit too enamored with my own work; all I did was crop them, basically. I cropped 'creative' so the headline reads "NUDE CORPSE ON RAILS CONNECTED TO TROLLEYS" which makes me giggle. I am so completely lame.
I am speechless with excitement right now. SO MUCH SQUEE.
What I rented this week:
Queer As Folk UK Series 1: Sigh. Maybe vince is a Dr Who-obsessed loser who is pathetically in love with his best friend, and Stuart is a complete bastard who sleeps with 15 year olds to make himself feel younger, but I get so giddy when they finally get together. The scene in the restaurant is just so romantic:
Vince: It's not as if I've ever...done anything.
Stuart: You've done nothing, Vince. You go to work, you go for a drink, you sit at home and watch cheap science fiction. Small and tiny world. What is there... that's so impressive about that? What is there to love?
Vince: [resignedly] Yeah.
Stuart: It was good enough for me.

Speaking of romantic, Before Sunrise: Possibly the most romantic movie ever. Everything about it was just so real and beautiful. This movie is responsible for the love side of my love/hate relationship with Ethan Hawke (along with Dead Poets Society). I can't wait to rent Before Sunset now.

And Shaun of the Dead: How can a zombie comedy not be sheer genius? This movie was both hilarious and gorey and I loved it.

I don't have plans for New Years yet. I think I've been avoiding thinking about it because it means that winter break is almost over. I'm really not ready to go back to school and take finals. Bleh.
Regarding PSAT scores: After some initial disappointment that I didn't do as well as last year, I've decided that I'm happy with my score. And I think that's all I'm going to say about it.

The trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is out, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't remember who it was that compared Willy Wonka to Anna Wintour, but it's an eerily apt comparison. I can't believe the movie isn't coming out until July!

I watched part of the America's Next Top Model marathon on VH1, but I think my love for the show has kind of died. Project Runway has stolen its place as my favorite reality show. Well, only reality show, really. The concept alone is enough to make me watch, but the designers are so entertaining, too. My favorite is definitely Austin; his corn husk dress was breathtaking, even after it had dried up. With his glasses he sort of reminds me of a young Yves Saint Laurent.

This weekend needs to be longer.
Because random lists are fun:
-This weekend I rented Saved, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Royal Tenenbaums. I'd seen the last one already, but not for a while. I was kind of in a Wes Anderson mood (I'm looking forward to The Life Aquatic). I think I like Rushmore better, though. Saved was really funny, and Patrick Fugit is completely adorable. Eternal Sunshine was incredible. I was kind of blown away by how emotionally raw it was, beyond the quirkiness of the plot. It had a somewhat happy ending, but it left me kind of drained afterward.
-that Cooking To Hook Up quiz )
-I need to do a practice PSAT or something. I haven't studied at all. Although, as long as I do was well as I did last year, I'll be happy.
-I love randomly making icons. It's pretty much the only reason I have a paid account.
-How gorgeous are these shoes? My goal in life is to to have enough money to justify buying $600 shoes.
-I don't want to go to my lesson tonight. I don't want to audition for district band. I don't want to do marching band anymore. I think I want to quit.
I just saw Princess Diaries 2 with Katie (as well as Caroline and her friends), but only because we couldn't get in to Garden State. Well, Caroline and I could, because Mom was there, but they wouldn't let our friends go in with us, and the police officer was right there. I really can't wait until I turn 17 (next month!). Anyway, the movie was cheesy but cute, and now Katie and I have a new insult: "You would look lovely on a postage stamp!" I suppose it needs context to make sense.
There were a group of boys that were probably 7 or so, and right before the scene where Mia sees here huge closet full of shoes and jewelry and such, one them said "I LOVE this part!" Which amused me to no end. And they all squealed "eeew!" and covered their eyes during the kissing scenes. I'll admit I did that also, when Mia kisses the guy she doesn't end up with, but only because it was so horribly awkward and embarrassing looking. Callum Blue is adorable, though. And I can't believe I actually had this much to say about Princess Diaries 2.
In less G-rated news, the guy that I had an enormous crush on at age 13 is now posing for pictures for a website called "Hunk Seduction- How To Attract Gay Men". He's fully clothed, at least. I'm kind of scared what there might be if I actually signed up for the site, though. Not that I would. I'm just kind of scandalized. I mean, he was the cute, innocent one!
I always knew if one of The Moffatts were gay it would be him, though.



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