For lack of anything to say.
I probably should have done this earlier.

Let me know which one you want and I promise I will have them next week. Or whenever I see you next, I suppose.
I've been working on the collage in my room and I just added a few more pictures today. I think my favorite part of reading magazines is deciding which pictures to rip out and add to the collage. I really like the way it looks right now. I'm probably going to run out of room on the wall soon, however. Here's a picture, which has a glare and also cuts off the very top, so you can't see the picture of Paul Newman shirtless. (There's another one towards the bottom anyway.)

Here are some close-ups of the collage )
-I haven't posted since last month, and I'm in a somewhat better mood than my last post. I'm not even freaking out about district auditions on Saturday, which is unusual for me. There are few things that cause me more stress than auditions, and I won't even have my dad there for encouragement.
-Audio explications suck. Last time I made sure I didn't pause or stumble over my words at all and I re-recorded it until it was perfect. This time I was less picky, so I really hope he doesn't listen to mine.
-I found this picture when organizing my picture folders. I had forgotten about it, but I really like the creepiness of it:

-Yves Saint Laurent has the best site ever. It has pictures of all the past collections; I really love some of the mid-sixties collections with pop-art shift dresses. And the image gallery under the "Dialogue With Art" section is wonderful. I love how he designed dresses as homages to other artists.
-I looove Hawksley Workman right now. I've had "You Me and the Weather" stuck in my head all day. I'm listening to Tarantulove now. Mmmmmmm. I love his voice.
-That's about it, really.
Caroline and I forgot to go to marching band practice yesterday, and now I'm really worried about going today. I hope I don't get yelled at. Mr. Hamant is so scary.
I had an extra roll of black and white film from photo, but they had to take it to Kodak to develop it and they did a crappy job. Some of the pictures are out of focus and have specks on them, but the negatives look fine. Plus, the last negative strip is shredded and there are no prints of them, which annoys me. I got some nice random pictures from throughout the summer though (sadly none from Atlanta).

more )
That last picture is my favorite, I think. Ryan was having a bad day, and he said something mean to Gavin and Gavin pulled his head inside his shirt like a turtle and started crying. It was the saddest thing I think I've ever seen. I think this picture was taken right before then.
I'm having homemade potato soup right now and it is delicious. The feeling of dread for band practice is rising, however. I think I should make sure my case has reeds in it.
This week seemed endless, despite the break on Wednesday, or perhaps because of it.
I've been working on my assignment for photography, although I'm pretty much done. I'm not sure which of my digitally edited ones I want to turn in. I'd probably tweak and reprint my other prints but I ran out of photo paper. And also, I have no idea when the assignment is due.
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