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I have less free time than I did during school, and I'm doubly exhausted. But, you know, money. (Is this what it will always be like?)

At least I have the 4th off from both jobs, but even when I'm not working I have a million things to do. There are so many things to get sorted out. I have two school obligations but one of them is bullshit and I need to get it settled but I'm always working during the day so I never have time. If I end up having to pay it---I can't even--god. Eighty fucking dollars for a mouthpiece that I know I turned in.

I am so tired.

I just found the best LJ community, though: [community profile] greatpoets. I love poetry and I always want to read more but when I'm in the poetry section of the bookstore I never know where to start. Reading the poems posted is making my reading list longer and longer and longer.

I don't remember if I posted this already, but I have enrolled in all my classes for next semester: Honors English and Geography plus lab and German and Intro to Art History. 16 hours. I didn't get all of the classes I wanted (notice the lack of Spanish or linguistics classes) but all in all I'm satisfied.

I should probably try to get some sleep; I have at least three errands to run before noon tomorrow.
I'm enrolled! And I have a parking decal, even though I will probably not drive often, considering I live all of 10 minutes away, walking. But if it snows or rains or something, this will be nice. I had to call home about 6 times before I got a hold of anyone to find out the tag number, because Caroline apparently can't hear the phone from her bedroom. And, um, if you ever call my house and get a high pitched squealing noise, just hang up and call again. I have no idea what that's about.

So anyway, my schedule:

01 Band Hamant
02 Euro SL Harden
03 Spanish 5 HL Shelly
04 Bio HL Weigand
05 IR Lacosse/ Photo 2 Salley
06 C Writing Williams/ Government Harden
07 World Lit Maack

No surprises, really. I wish I could have arranged things better so that I wasn't taking a single semester of creative writing and photography. It's all because of government.

I was reading a thread on literary crushes on Chicklit where I occasionally lurk. Most people list the same characters: Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, Laurie from Little Women, various Harry Potter characters. So I was thinking of my own literary crushes, of which I have quite a few, actually. I do share a few of the most common crushes; I've always loved Laurie since I first read Little Women in fourth grade. I HATE that Jo doesn't marry him, mostly because he gets so depressed and then marries Amy even though he doesn't really love her. I was also enamored with Barney Snaith of The Blue Castle (despite his name). I think my number one fictional crush would have to be George Emerson from A Room with a View. He's so passionate and progressive and perfect (and my alliteration was entirely unintentional). His speech to Lucy about why she shouldn't marry Cecil is probably one of my favorite passages ever.

So, do any of you have any particular literary crushes?
Since I didn't see you today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! I hope your biology test goes well.

School is so boring when half the people are gone. I had no one to play Escrable in Spanish with. We played Phase 10 in calc, and it was fun. More fun than Krypto, which I am horrible at. I can do calculus but I can't add and subtract in my head. It's really sad.

Katie and I went to the meeting about the trip to Eastern Europe or China. I really hope they go to Eastern Europe, the itinerary sounds amazing. I would love to go to Prague. My parents aren't overly enthusiastic but I know that I can pay for half, so hopefully I can talk them into letting me go. I've never left the country before. Since I am currently considering careers involving travel, I think I need to get some experience. Maybe I'll use that argument with my parents.

Does anyone have any plans for a psychology study group? I should probably get some studying done, although I'm not particularly worried about this test. I should probably brush up on different theorists and studies, because that seems to be mainly what they ask about.
-It used to be that weekends were breaks from the stress of school. Well, they were at some point at least; I hardly remember when that was. This weekend is especially bad. I've have to do the long essay, the calculus internal assessment, the psychology internal assessment, and the bio lab. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something important. Anyway, if I'm not at school Monday, it will be due to the fact that I will be dead from exhaustion after I get everything done. If I get it all done.
-I had to play my solo for Mr. Hamant yesterday. It wasn't really as awful as I was expecting. I mean, I sounded awful, but the only thing he told me was that I needed to play louder and have more confidence. I think he said that I need to "really blow".
-The Fametracker Forums were shut down yesterday after they became too expensive to maintain. The forums were my main osurce of celebrity gossip, and I adored the Publishing & Multimedia and Music boards there. I'll miss the intelligent discussions that went on there, but I don't think I'll really miss the Celeb boards too much. People had been getting pretty vicious there lately. I still don't understand why so many people have such a seething hatred for Natalie Portman. Anyway, I think I enjoyed the complete chaos that went on yesterday way too much. Mmm, schadenfreude.
-God, I love Cat and Girl. This one is cracking me up. And this one, too. Hee.
-The pic of the week on RightClickLick is so great. I loved the dork theme.
-My cat is sitting on my lap and clawing my leg and now my leg is falling asleep. I think I need to get up and stretch it out.
I am so stupid. When I wrote my rough draft I left my Antigone book in my locker, and this time I've left The Stranger in my locker. Considering my paper is currently only around 580 words, this is a very bad thing. I've written next to nothing since I opened Word sometime around 2:00.
Can I just say how much I hate the fact that our grades are going to posted online for our parents to see? Maybe if I actually did my homework I wouldn't care as much, but progress reports seem adequate to me. Especially since they can always be conveniently lost. But my parents do not need to know about every missing assignment and every quiz I do badly on.
I could've sworn I had something else to say, but whatever. I should probably get back to work on my craptastic essay.
I'm totally procrastinating on my English paper. I think I've gotten stupider, at least in regards to literary analysis. Probably stupider in general, as well.
At least Katie and I got our psychology presentation mostly done. The only problem is that we can't use our pretty Russian-style font. But our last page has the funniest psychology-related animated gif EVER. Heh.
So lately, my favorite way of procrastinating is looking at models. dnaModels is SO the best agency. For one, they represent Harry Kinkead, who is my former model boyfriend. I say former because he is being replaced by Andrew Smith, because he is so very pretty (ignore the cheesy pose) and I am fickle. They also represent Ian Somerhalder, who would be my model boyfriend but he's an actor too, so he's disqualified, or something. He's so pretty I tried to watch The Rules of Attractions for him, but The Fivehead (don't click on that link unless you want to be horrified) is so repulsive I couldn't sit through the whole thing. And now Ian is on Lost, which is just another reason to watch it.
I'm going to post one more pretty model link (Atesh Salih, yum), and then I promise I won't make any more gratuitous picture posts for a long time. This is my third in a row and I'm started to feel idiotically superficial. I do think about other things, I swear.



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