Tonights TV: I am so annoyed I missed last week's episode of Lost, because it was Locke-centric and twisty and everything. And tonight's episode was a Jack episode with the dullest flashbacks ever. And I pretty much knew omgspoilers ) Also, the first scene of Alias is going to give me face-melty nightmares, I swear. Shudder.

Okay, I am a total whore for celeb gossip, particularly blind items. And I came across the most hilariously un-blind blind item ever on the BI thread at Snarkfest:
What saber-wielding summer movie sexpot was spotted smooching a same-sex companion good-bye on the corner of Kings Rd. and Fountain deep in the heart of West Hollywood the day of the Oscars?
Gee, I wonder who that could possibly be?
Plus another blind item (scroll down to 'Don't Shoot the Messenger') about the same actor, which mentions that said star is a twenty-something male, ruling out any other saber-wielding summer movie stars.
I'm noticing a trend among my 7th grade crushes.
I just saw Princess Diaries 2 with Katie (as well as Caroline and her friends), but only because we couldn't get in to Garden State. Well, Caroline and I could, because Mom was there, but they wouldn't let our friends go in with us, and the police officer was right there. I really can't wait until I turn 17 (next month!). Anyway, the movie was cheesy but cute, and now Katie and I have a new insult: "You would look lovely on a postage stamp!" I suppose it needs context to make sense.
There were a group of boys that were probably 7 or so, and right before the scene where Mia sees here huge closet full of shoes and jewelry and such, one them said "I LOVE this part!" Which amused me to no end. And they all squealed "eeew!" and covered their eyes during the kissing scenes. I'll admit I did that also, when Mia kisses the guy she doesn't end up with, but only because it was so horribly awkward and embarrassing looking. Callum Blue is adorable, though. And I can't believe I actually had this much to say about Princess Diaries 2.
In less G-rated news, the guy that I had an enormous crush on at age 13 is now posing for pictures for a website called "Hunk Seduction- How To Attract Gay Men". He's fully clothed, at least. I'm kind of scared what there might be if I actually signed up for the site, though. Not that I would. I'm just kind of scandalized. I mean, he was the cute, innocent one!
I always knew if one of The Moffatts were gay it would be him, though.



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