I made this mix in June. When I listen to it now, it reminds me of Central Park. I'm really proud of the way the songs flow; I think this is the best mix I've made.

.zip file
I can't bring myself to make an actual update on my life because I'm too busy avoiding things. So I'll just post a meme! It's sort of like the one that Sarah did. I posted a couple of the songs.

Movie soundtrack for your life. The rules:

1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Pass it on

Some of those fit extraordinarily well and I didn't even cheat on them.

There is going to be a new season of Project Runway this summer and I'm excited. Bravo is pretty great with reality shows. I really got in to Top Chef towards the end, too. I was glad Harold won; he was adorable. And, you know, a good chef or whatever. But anyway, I still prefer PR because I know more about fashion than I do about food. Plus the contestants are more entertaining. I'm just happy I'll have something to look forward to watching in the summer. Yay!
I have had some serious mood swings today. But I have a therapist now, so it's okay!

Anyway, this post is mostly to show off my new haircut:
I look stupid in this picture, but my hair looks pretty. )

I had a dream last night that we went on a field trip to see a production of The Tempest and it was on a ship and we had to swim out to it. It was really odd.

I am in love with this song right now: Jens Lekman- Maple Leaves.
She said it was all make-believe/but I thought she said maple leaves
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I swear alice tagged me for this '10 things that make me happy' meme but now that post is gone, so. well, i finally got around to doing it so i'm posting it anyway.

ten things that make me happy:
one: brown sugar and fig body cream from bath and body works. the layer of smells is perfect. it is like the smell i never knew I wanted (woah, that sounds totally crazy).
two: reading random articles on wikipedia. somehow i came across the category pedarastic lovers. it's quite a group of men: leonardo da vinci, alexander the great, walt whitman, e.m. forster. oh, my.
three: the freckles on the bridge of jensen ackles' nose. (i can't find a picture where they are visible :/ but he has a nice nose in general, really.
four: and this is lame, but i will also add jensen ackles' voice, which is deep and drawly and TEXAN and he makes everything sound dirty.
five: go fug yourself. hee.
six: blueberry pie and ice cream. especially when the pie is homemade (even though the pie i just had wasn't). mmmmm.
seven: said the gramophone. my favorite music blog, and i read quite a few. the writing is brilliant, sometimes even better than the music they post (which is always amazing).
eight: i was going to say whales, but i don't know if they really make me happy. they scare and fascinate me equally. i love these whale watercolors.
nine: learning about the etymology of words. it's the main reason i'm going to study linguistics (but i like the other parts too).
ten: the prospect of graduating high school and leaving wichita and meeting new people. which is scary too, but i'm sick of high school, mostly. so, yeah.

i'm surprised i could actually think of 10, although it took me a while. i've been really moody lately. i get irrationally angry at people and i know it's irrational but i still want to blame it on them. i just need a break from people sometimes.
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Bravo's doing a Project Runway marathon on right now. I have to say, although I enjoyed this season, I don't think it quite lived up to the first one. The designs this season have been mediocre, overall. Anyway, I think Santino is a clear winner; I'll be surprised if it goes any other way. His collection is the best thing he's designed the whole season. Chloe and Daniel's collections are kind of uninspired, I think. And I know this is an incredibly unpopular opinion, but I like Santino. Yeah, he acts like an arrogant jackass all the time, but I don't think he's a genuinely mean person. And he's hysterical. And anyway, being an asshole doesn't compromise one's talent; look at Karl Lagerfeld.

I think I might do a post about the fall ready-to-wear shows.

I feel like posting some more music. So:

Parks and Recreation- Break Into Song. It makes me want to break into song.

Devotchka- Death By Blonde. It sounds like a song from a sexy spy movie that is set in Eastern Europe.

Karl Blau- Into the Nada. I like the surfy, laid-back feeling.

Jamie Lidell- Multiply. Who doesn't like soul music? This has a classic sound without sounding too derivative.

The Go! Team- Junior Kickstart. Everyone should have heard of them by now, but I was listening to this and thought I should post it.

The Knife- Heartbeats. Which is better: the original or Jose Gonzalez's cover? I am totally in love with them both.

And if you are interested, you can download all but one song from Jenny Lewis's Rabbit Fur Coat for free at the label's website. It's really good.

I just had a really good brownie. Yum.
I just got a facebook (thanks Alice!) and I have no friends yet, so add me! I feel lonely right now, ha.

My sinuses have been sore and occasionally painfully tingly all day. I also have a terrible headache. Sometimes winter sucks. It seems like everyone has been sick lately.

I am so in love with Jose Gonzalez right now. His cover of Kylie Minogue's Hand on Your Heart is the best thing ever. I have such a weakness for earnest folk music.

I really have nothing to say, so I'll just post this.
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Everyone needs to watch Twitch City. You will like it, I promise. And they download pretty quickly and each episode is only 22 minutes. You have no reason not to watch an episode! I have a fondness for "Klan Bake" and "The Planet of the Cats" (genius!) but they are all hilarious.

Sorry, I'm just having one of those moments where I love something so much I have to share it.

Other things I love right now:
--The headline "George Clooney does impressions with penis". HA!

--Symbolist painters, especially Redon and Klimt.

--The WB Tuesdays: Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. Which is a rather strange pairing of shows, but I love them both (for vastly different reasons).

--Brownies with chocolate chunks in them. Yum.

--Music! Some that I love so much I need to share:
The New Pornographers- The Bleeding Heart Show. I think most everyone knows the New Pornographers, so you might've heard this song before, but if you haven't, you need to. It's perfect.
The Guillemots- Trains To Brazil. Something about the beat and melody of this song reminds me of ELO, but hipper. It makes me happy.
Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright- Ode to a Friend. Most people are familiar with Yann Tiersen from the score of Amelie, which he composed. This is rather different from that; a bit darker and less whimsical. Still, I can see some similarities, and if you love the Amelie soundtrack you will probably like this as well.
Jenny Lewis- Rise Up With Fists. I have mixed feelings about Rilo Kiley; I love some of their songs and am totally indifferent to others. But so far everything I've heard from Jenny Lewis's solo album is great. This song is one of my favorites.

--And finally, this icon, because yes.

It it damn cold today. I've been shivering all day. I always think I'm spelling 'shiver' wrong but it just looks weird. I'm not sure why my 'cold' mood icon is Snyder creepily touching Crutchy (spellcheck wants me to change that to 'crotch'). I think I'm going to get a blanket.

I'm bored.

Oct. 6th, 2005 08:25 pm
So I'm stealing this from John:

Step 1: Put your media player on random
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the ones people have guessed already.

I left out some of the really hard ones and the ones that weren't in English.

Lyrics )
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So, oh my god, Sufjan Stevens was amazing. He and his band (the Illinoisemakers) all dress up like cheerleaders and they do little cheers before the songs and it was adorable. And the beginning of 'Prairie Fire That Wanders About' had hand actions! Ooh, and in 'They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!' (which is a brilliant name) the backup singers made the letters with their arms while they spelled Illinois. I can't decide which song was my favorite because they were all so great; I loved 'The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders' and 'Decatur' and 'Chicago' and 'Casimir Pulaski Day' and 'Jacksonville' and every single other song he played. For the encore, he had changed his pants and he wasn't wearing shoes and he sang 'Romulus'. I can't even say how fantastic the show was. And to be completely shallow, I have the most gigantic crush ever on Sufjan now. He is SO CUTE. And he has the most adorable teeth ever, which probably sounds weird but it's true.

While I was driving to Lawrence a giant bird hit my window and it was scary. And I forgot to tape Lost. Ooh, and my birthday is on Sunday! Okay, that's all I have to say.
I'm bored, so I decided to do that music meme, even though no one specifically asked me to. And I'm adding mp3s of the songs, too.

01) Total volume of music files on my computer?
Apparently only 757, which is fewer than most people have said, and also fewer than I would have guessed. Although this is probably because I don't keep any songs on my computer if I have them on CD already, to save room.

02) The last CD I bought was...
Umm, I haven't had any money for a while, so I'm not really sure. The last I can remember buying was the New Pornographers' Electric Version, but I bought that during the ice storm which was a while ago.

03a) The last song I listened to before writing this was...
"Beltane Walk" by T. Rex. I've been on a glam kick lately.

03b) Song playing right now:
"Apple of My Eye" by Ed Harcourt. I love this song. I think a lot of people on my friends list would love Ed Harcourt, if they haven't already heard of him.

04) Five songs I listen to a lot right now.
"Careless Whisper" by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright. This song is like crack. Katie and I did a kareoke version of the original, so I had to send her this version. Most people have probably heard it already, but whatever. I've been listening to it a ton lately because I was making a mix CD of cover songs.
"Be Your Husband" by Jeff Buckley. OMG, I ate lunch at Quizno's yesterday, and the guy working there looked just like Jeff Buckley. He was gorgeous. Anyway, I think this song really shows off Jeff Buckley's amazing voice and range. The song was originally done by Nina Simone, who is also incredible.
"Lilac Wine" by Nina Simone. Jeff Buckley has also covered this song, and his cover is brilliant, but I've been addicted to the original lately. Her voice is so smooth and evocative.
"I was Born (A Unicorn)" by the Unicorns. I think I still have my sister's Unicorns CD in my room. They're such a fun band. Especially this song.
"M'Lady" by Sly and the Family Stone. I love this song unreasonably. It's just so upbeat and happy! I catch myself humming this song all the time. If there is anyone who doesn't like this song, I don't want to know about it. I have the feeling that very few of my friends love funk music the way I do. At least I know Caroline does.
(It was really difficult to only pick five.)

05) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?
Eh, no five in particular. Anyone who wants to.
-I haven't posted since last month, and I'm in a somewhat better mood than my last post. I'm not even freaking out about district auditions on Saturday, which is unusual for me. There are few things that cause me more stress than auditions, and I won't even have my dad there for encouragement.
-Audio explications suck. Last time I made sure I didn't pause or stumble over my words at all and I re-recorded it until it was perfect. This time I was less picky, so I really hope he doesn't listen to mine.
-I found this picture when organizing my picture folders. I had forgotten about it, but I really like the creepiness of it:

-Yves Saint Laurent has the best site ever. It has pictures of all the past collections; I really love some of the mid-sixties collections with pop-art shift dresses. And the image gallery under the "Dialogue With Art" section is wonderful. I love how he designed dresses as homages to other artists.
-I looove Hawksley Workman right now. I've had "You Me and the Weather" stuck in my head all day. I'm listening to Tarantulove now. Mmmmmmm. I love his voice.
-That's about it, really.



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