I just got a facebook (thanks Alice!) and I have no friends yet, so add me! I feel lonely right now, ha.

My sinuses have been sore and occasionally painfully tingly all day. I also have a terrible headache. Sometimes winter sucks. It seems like everyone has been sick lately.

I am so in love with Jose Gonzalez right now. His cover of Kylie Minogue's Hand on Your Heart is the best thing ever. I have such a weakness for earnest folk music.

I really have nothing to say, so I'll just post this.
Concupiscence is the word of the day. It always makes me think of Threesome. Oh, Josh Charles. Even with that stupid nineties haircut you were still adorable.

I just watched a bunch of movie trailers.

I am so excited about Idlewild. A musical written by Outkast! How can it not be brilliant? And the trailer looks SO GOOD.

I love the trailer for Marie Antoinette. Who cares if the music is anachronistic when it works so well? And I love New Order, and i love Sofia Coppola, and I think this looks promising.

I'm not sure about Akeelah and the Bee because it's based on Spellbound which I love dearly, and I am the kind of person who watches spelling bees on ESPN 2, but it looks cheesy. I don't know.

Don't Come Knocking looks interesting, and it stars Sam Shepard. And he also wrote it, which I hadn't realized until I just looked it up on IMDB. It has a great cast.

Confetti looks hilarious. I love a good mockumentary. And this one has Martin Freeman! The nudist couple looks especially hilarious.

I'm also looking forward Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story. It looks funny and smart and I've heard loads of great things about it.

I have to get ready for the band concert. It's going to be embarrassingly awful.
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Everyone needs to watch Twitch City. You will like it, I promise. And they download pretty quickly and each episode is only 22 minutes. You have no reason not to watch an episode! I have a fondness for "Klan Bake" and "The Planet of the Cats" (genius!) but they are all hilarious.

Sorry, I'm just having one of those moments where I love something so much I have to share it.

Other things I love right now:
--The headline "George Clooney does impressions with penis". HA!

--Symbolist painters, especially Redon and Klimt.

--The WB Tuesdays: Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. Which is a rather strange pairing of shows, but I love them both (for vastly different reasons).

--Brownies with chocolate chunks in them. Yum.

--Music! Some that I love so much I need to share:
The New Pornographers- The Bleeding Heart Show. I think most everyone knows the New Pornographers, so you might've heard this song before, but if you haven't, you need to. It's perfect.
The Guillemots- Trains To Brazil. Something about the beat and melody of this song reminds me of ELO, but hipper. It makes me happy.
Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright- Ode to a Friend. Most people are familiar with Yann Tiersen from the score of Amelie, which he composed. This is rather different from that; a bit darker and less whimsical. Still, I can see some similarities, and if you love the Amelie soundtrack you will probably like this as well.
Jenny Lewis- Rise Up With Fists. I have mixed feelings about Rilo Kiley; I love some of their songs and am totally indifferent to others. But so far everything I've heard from Jenny Lewis's solo album is great. This song is one of my favorites.

--And finally, this icon, because yes.

It it damn cold today. I've been shivering all day. I always think I'm spelling 'shiver' wrong but it just looks weird. I'm not sure why my 'cold' mood icon is Snyder creepily touching Crutchy (spellcheck wants me to change that to 'crotch'). I think I'm going to get a blanket.
My mom just came to me and said, "Dad and I are going to have the cat put to sleep. Are you okay with that?"

What did she think I was going to say?
Another unexceptional Christmas has passed. I know there was a time when the holiday meant something to me but I can scarcely remember it. It's not that this year's celebration was any more meaningless than last year's, it's that I'm more conscious of it's meaninglessness, I suppose. I know I used to be a Christian but I don't remember when I changed my beliefs. I just stopped thinking about it, really. It's not really that I "know better" now, because I really hate the idea that if you believe in something you must be gullible or ignorant. I think I gave up on Christianity because it's too much work to reconcile those beliefs with everything else that I know and believe. Not that it would be impossible to, but because it's easier to just not think about it. And now I can't believe in Christianity even if I wanted to and I'm not really sure why. I don't feel anything anymore. I can't make myself believe something that just isn't there for me. It was easier when I didn't think about this at all but now it scares me to not believe in anything at all.
I really wish religion wasn't such a public issue. Beliefs are something personal and it's so disgusting the way religion has been drawn into politics so tightly. I hate the way Christianity has been made into something so huge and gaudy and oppressive. I think I blame contemporary Christianity for a large part of my current spiritual dilemma. The worst part of it is that when George was at CHUM it used to be a refuge from that type of Christianity. Now "not your ordinary church" is almost a joke. I can't even stand to sit through a service with the new clergy. The Christmas eve service was painful.
Present-wise I did pretty well, though.

I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and it is incredible. The story is captivating; I could barely put it down last night. The writing is beautiful.

I feel like seeing a movie or something. I've been laying around and reading all day and now I'm restless. I need to get out of the house. I almost went shopping with my mom but I'm not really in a shopping mood. Especially not with my mom. Ha.
I should probably eat something as I haven't yet since yesterday, but I really have no appetite. But I'm hungry, if that makes sense.
Anyone who enjoys/loathes/has a passing familiarity with poetry needs to read the Holy Tango of Literature, because it is hilarious beyond words. I can't decide which is my favorite; the T.S. Eliot one is great and Gwendolyn Brooks one made me giggle out loud. Really, they are all brilliantly ridiculous parodies. I can't think of anything else to say, but I had to pass this on.
My paid account is expiring in 3 days and I think that means I can't use my custom mood theme. I hope not, because it makes me giggle every time I pick my mood. I'm so retardedly amused by it. Oh, Newsies. Sigh.

So anyway, it's November and I've started my novel. As of this moment I have 826 and I'm in the middle of a sentence. My working title is "The Art of Making Excuses" but I'll probably change it at some point. It depends how well it fits with whatever direction the plot goes. So far, the writing is going pretty well, but it's not like I've gotten around to the action yet, so we'll see how that goes.
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I got a speeding ticket on Friday while on my way to the movie theater. So, that sucked.
But Sarah and I saw Elizabethtown which I adored. It's been getting pretty mediocre reviews; most of them say that it's too meandering and has too many characters and not enough focus. But that's kind of what I liked about it. It give the movie an scrapbook-y homemade feel. There were so many moments in this film I am completely in love with. I especially liked Paul Schneider in it. And Chuck and Cindy! And Loudon Wainwright!
I keep hearing people compare it to Garden State which I think is a really shallow comparison. I mean, yeah, they both deal with a guy coming home for the funeral of a parent and meeting a 'quirky' girl, but beyond that, they have completely different themes. Elizabethtown is more about family. To say Elizabethtown is a 'ripoff' of Garden State does a disservice to both films. And, I mean, I loved Garden State, but it's not like it was the most original film ever. Has no one seen The Graduate? Sorry, I got a bit ranty.
I have to practice for my clarinet lesson.
Go to google.com and type "(your name) needs" Then pick the 5 funniest ones there.

If your name is James, you would put this in to the search engine: "James needs"
you got the idea

Then copy and paste this into a new bulletin with your answers filled in:

Whitney needs a little polish.
Whitney needs serious drug rehab.
Whitney needs a fresh comeback.
Whitney Needs Your Soccer Shorts!
Whitney needs to level with her mother, our experts say.
Whitney needs some help -- and a new wigmaker.

I'm bored.

Oct. 6th, 2005 08:25 pm
So I'm stealing this from John:

Step 1: Put your media player on random
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the ones people have guessed already.

I left out some of the really hard ones and the ones that weren't in English.

Lyrics )
I just posted a bit ago but I felt like doing this meme anyway.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. boys in drag:
    Hahahahaha. Well, yeah. Who doesn't? This interest dates back to fourth grade, when my favorite movie was Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, and I thought Guy Pearce was really hot.
  2. devendra banhart:
    He has such an incredibly interesting voice; I love it. And I have such a weakness for weird folky-type music.
  3. feminism:
    I hate it when people think all feminists are man-hating hairy-legged radical. Feminism is about equality for both sexes. Women's issues are important to me, for obvious reasons.
  4. harold and maude:
    God, I love this movie. It's so simple and funny and it's got a great soundtrack of Cat Stevens songs. Everyone needs to see it.
  5. keren ann:
    I like her voice; it's soft and low and breathy but not annoyingly so. My favorite song of hers is currently 'Seventeen' because I love the orchestration.
  6. models:
    I love fashion photography because it's a cross between art and marketing. And I like looking at pretty things. America's Next Top Model is addictive.
  7. old 97s:
    I haven't actually listened to them in a while. Their song 'Question' is the sweetest song ever.
  8. reading:
    Well, this is kind of generic. I've always liked to read, although I don't read for leisure nearly as much as I used to, or as much as I would like to. Right now I'm reading The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie.
  9. stargate: atlantis:
    Generally I'm not into scifi; I watch this show for the characters. I love John and Rodney and Zelenka and Ronon and even Teyla (and her people, hahaha). Although I mostly watch the show for the fanfic, because there are so many great authors in this fandom.
  10. umbrellas:
    I don't know why, I just find them aesthetically pleasing, I guess. I don't get to use my umbrella enough.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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So, oh my god, Sufjan Stevens was amazing. He and his band (the Illinoisemakers) all dress up like cheerleaders and they do little cheers before the songs and it was adorable. And the beginning of 'Prairie Fire That Wanders About' had hand actions! Ooh, and in 'They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!' (which is a brilliant name) the backup singers made the letters with their arms while they spelled Illinois. I can't decide which song was my favorite because they were all so great; I loved 'The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders' and 'Decatur' and 'Chicago' and 'Casimir Pulaski Day' and 'Jacksonville' and every single other song he played. For the encore, he had changed his pants and he wasn't wearing shoes and he sang 'Romulus'. I can't even say how fantastic the show was. And to be completely shallow, I have the most gigantic crush ever on Sufjan now. He is SO CUTE. And he has the most adorable teeth ever, which probably sounds weird but it's true.

While I was driving to Lawrence a giant bird hit my window and it was scary. And I forgot to tape Lost. Ooh, and my birthday is on Sunday! Okay, that's all I have to say.
Because I have too much time on my hands (or rather, because I'm not working on things I should), I made my own custom mood theme. A Newsies mood theme, because I love that movie like I am twelve.

Samples of my totally awesome mood theme: let's soak 'em for crutchy! )

I am perhaps a bit too enamored with my own work; all I did was crop them, basically. I cropped 'creative' so the headline reads "NUDE CORPSE ON RAILS CONNECTED TO TROLLEYS" which makes me giggle. I am so completely lame.
Oh my god, do I really have to go to school tomorrow? It doesn't feel like it at all. I'm not totally dreading it, or anything. It seems earlier than usual, which I suppose it sort of is.

Katie and I saw 40 Year Old Virgin today and it was brilliant. Absolutely hysterical, and also very cute. And the last scene is perfect. I loved it.

After the movie, Katie's car wouldn't start, which sucked. My dad jump started it for her. And when I got home, we got a phone call about participating in a focus group for a tv show. They're going to send me a tape of the pilot and then I have to answer a survey about it the next day. All I know is that it is aimed at girl aged 15-17. Which means it will probably be pretty lame, but I get to tell them if I think so. And who knows, it could be really good.

God, I don't want to get up at six tomorrow.
I'm enrolled! And I have a parking decal, even though I will probably not drive often, considering I live all of 10 minutes away, walking. But if it snows or rains or something, this will be nice. I had to call home about 6 times before I got a hold of anyone to find out the tag number, because Caroline apparently can't hear the phone from her bedroom. And, um, if you ever call my house and get a high pitched squealing noise, just hang up and call again. I have no idea what that's about.

So anyway, my schedule:

01 Band Hamant
02 Euro SL Harden
03 Spanish 5 HL Shelly
04 Bio HL Weigand
05 IR Lacosse/ Photo 2 Salley
06 C Writing Williams/ Government Harden
07 World Lit Maack

No surprises, really. I wish I could have arranged things better so that I wasn't taking a single semester of creative writing and photography. It's all because of government.

I was reading a thread on literary crushes on Chicklit where I occasionally lurk. Most people list the same characters: Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, Laurie from Little Women, various Harry Potter characters. So I was thinking of my own literary crushes, of which I have quite a few, actually. I do share a few of the most common crushes; I've always loved Laurie since I first read Little Women in fourth grade. I HATE that Jo doesn't marry him, mostly because he gets so depressed and then marries Amy even though he doesn't really love her. I was also enamored with Barney Snaith of The Blue Castle (despite his name). I think my number one fictional crush would have to be George Emerson from A Room with a View. He's so passionate and progressive and perfect (and my alliteration was entirely unintentional). His speech to Lucy about why she shouldn't marry Cecil is probably one of my favorite passages ever.

So, do any of you have any particular literary crushes?
They were short on people at summer rec so I have a job now! Sadly, I am with the third through fifth graders and it is really dull. Caroline is with the first and second graders and it isn't fair. Anyway, I get to drive the Jetta to work. Yay!
Other things that happened since I last posted (I think):
-I saw Batman Begins with Katie and I loved it. It has a ridiculously amazing cast (minus Katie Holmes) and it was dark and not cheesy like some of the other Batman movies. Christian Bale is incredible.
-I knit a really cute cabled hat but it is too small for my head. I've given it away and am going to knit a bigger one. Hopefully it will go quicker and more smoothly the second time.
-I babysat for my clarinet teacher's kids. They are adorable. I love little kids.
-I went to the optometrist and had to get new contacts for both eyes. Surprisingly, my left eye has actually gotten better, and my right eye was only slightly worse. With my new contact, my left eye is 20/25, which is the best it's ever been (without contacts it is around 20/200).
-I saw Sarah while she was in town and we visited our kids at summer rec (before I knew I would be working there again).
Since Ellen tagged me:
 List 10 celebrities that you find attractive and then tag 5 of your friends.
1. Gael Garcia Bernal: The second picture is my current desktop wallpaper.
2. Ryan Gosling: He is lifting her with ONE ARM. Gah.
3. Ewan McGregor: Everyone loves Ewan (including a certain person on this list...)
4. Hayden Christensen: So pretty. I have such a soft spot for him since Higher Ground.
5. Josh Charles: I couldn't find I picture that did him justice, but he totally makes me melty inside. Sigh.      
6. Jamie Bell: Who knew he got so cute?
7. Nick Stahl: I just watched the first season of Carnivale and he is so cute it canceled out his creepiness in Sin City. And he was seriously creepy in that movie.
8. Topher Grace: I love dorky-cute guys. And he was fantastic in In Good Company.
9. Natalie Portman: Gorgeous. If I could look like anyone I would want to look like her.
10. Alexis Bledel: She always looks perfect on Gilmore Girls.

 I think everyone I would tag has already done it or has been tagged by someone else already.
Since I didn't see you today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! I hope your biology test goes well.

School is so boring when half the people are gone. I had no one to play Escrable in Spanish with. We played Phase 10 in calc, and it was fun. More fun than Krypto, which I am horrible at. I can do calculus but I can't add and subtract in my head. It's really sad.

Katie and I went to the meeting about the trip to Eastern Europe or China. I really hope they go to Eastern Europe, the itinerary sounds amazing. I would love to go to Prague. My parents aren't overly enthusiastic but I know that I can pay for half, so hopefully I can talk them into letting me go. I've never left the country before. Since I am currently considering careers involving travel, I think I need to get some experience. Maybe I'll use that argument with my parents.

Does anyone have any plans for a psychology study group? I should probably get some studying done, although I'm not particularly worried about this test. I should probably brush up on different theorists and studies, because that seems to be mainly what they ask about.
I can use all of my icons again. Icons were the reason I got an LJ in the first place. I don't know why I love them so much. I kind of want to make my own mood theme also, but that can wait until the summer when I have free time.

I spent far too much time yesterday watching episodes of Twitch City, because it is like crack. Especially the Nazi episode. And the episode where cats take over the world. So weird and yet so brilliant. How can you not love a show where a character accidentally kills a homeless man with a grocery bag full of canned catfood? Also, Don McKellar is the sexiest agoraphobic television-obsessed loser ever.
I think I should move to Canada someday.

I went to the Art and Book fair thing today with my mom, but it was pretty much crap. A bunch of blown glass paper weights and pretty but boring pictures of sunsets. And they didn't have any good books either (although I did see a copy of Anouilh's Antigone in French, which I might've bought if I spoke French). It was pretty much a waste of time, overall.

Speaking of a waste of time, I really don't feel like going to my clarinet lesson tonight. I don't have the book I need, anyway.

I really love this song.
I am speechless with excitement right now. SO MUCH SQUEE.
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